What would life be if you had no courage to attempt anything? I’m asking you. As you muse over your answer, another man said, “We are more often frightened than hurt, and we suffer more from imagination than from reality. Today, fear is driving more people than cars on our roads.

We know how to handle the remote control, drive our cars but battling to control our minds and steer our imaginations. We have given “FEAR” the cute name “PHOBIA.”

Lost in crippling experiences, many people are running away from something and running to something. Everyone is looking for calm in a brewing storm, hope in a world of despair, light in darkness, a pathway in the jungle of busyness, a road out of the valley, an assuring voice that will silence the monstrous voice in your head screaming, you can’t do this, you are not cut out for this, you are a failure, you are ugly, you are broke, you are cursed, you are old, you are not qualified, you are not loved, you are not connected.

Elijah had just experienced a tremendous victory on Mount Carmel with God versus Baal competition. God won. Elijah then prayed the severe drought would end. It did. You would think nothing could bring Elijah down from his victorious high. But something else happened. It took just one threat from Queen Jezebel to send Elijah running.

He had shown no fear on Mount Carmel when he faced hundreds of prophets of Baal, but the intimidation of one wicked queen sent him running to cower in the solitude of Mount Sinai.

Have you noticed how the enemy uses fear, intimidation, and doubt to suck the joy out of our mountaintop victories? When that happens, we can remain defeated, or we can learn and grow. What did Elijah learn from this experience?

He learned running would get you nowhere. He traveled around one hundred and sixty kilometers to go to a place where God didn’t send him. Although an angel provided food and water for him en route, there is no indication that God instructed Elijah to take this trip.

Change of location or circumstances won’t change us. Having a different husband or wife won’t make us better. Switching jobs won’t make us better employees. Changing churches won’t make us better Christians. Soon we will discover the grass is never greener on the other side.

Instead of asking God to change everything and everyone else, perhaps we should ask Him to change us first. Then as we change, the perception we gave of our circumstances will be different, and our reactions might be a little less radical.

Elijah learned negativity could cloud reality. To help Elijah face the reality of his circumstances, God challenged him when He asked, “What are you doing here?” It would be interesting to hear your answer. Today, look around, be alone, and answer that question. Are you where God wants you to be or is fear driving you from stepping into your promise?

God never responds to negativity. He knows pessimism can distort reality. Despair looks downward. Hope looks upward. Where does my help come from? The answer is in Psalm 121:1-2 My help comes from the Lord.

People who live on the negative side of life often find it easier to fall prey to discouragement, and sometimes even depression. If Satan can skew your perception, you will convince yourself, as Elijah did, that you are alone and life has lost its meaning. If you allow yourself to be swallowed up in your circumstances, you are more apt to resign, give up, walk away, or settle to live in a depressed state of mind — the best way to counter Satan schemes to allow the Lord to be the lifter of your head.

If Elijah had remained on Mount Sinai, he could have died a quiet, peaceful death -alone. Who could blame him? By the time he took his desert detour, he had already done far more for God than the average person, but he heard what Jezebel said and everything he built, crumbled. In the end, the man who sought solitude and had a death wish went out in a blaze.

You are born for something great. Fear should fear you. Let the ground shake at your courage; let your limitations fade at your boldness; let your heart be filled with dreams, let your mind rest in His grace. Don’t sit and think about that idea; go out and get busy. May fear get horrified that you’ve shown up!


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All rights of this article goes to Mr. Dennis Okari, one of the greatest investigative journalist in Kenya. He (Mr. Dennis Okari) gave me (Victor NYANGULE) permission to republish his initial facebook post).

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