Do You Know What Makes A Successful Entrepreneur?

For anyone to be a successful entrepreneur, s/he must possess the following characteristics.

1. CLEAR PURPOSE - The individual who has a clear purpose on what they want to do, they bring purpose and passion to the business sector. They are motivated to solve a particular problem which they turn their vision into reality.

2. SELF AWARENESS - Successful entrepreneurs are always aware of their strengths and weaknesses hence knowing your weaknesses, you can work on them and turn them into strengths as well. They do not let their ego get in the way of sorrounding themselves with the right team to accomodate accordingly. 

3. RESILIENT - Resilient people are not afraid to make mistakes. Making mistakes and learning from them, makes you a great leader. Resilient people do not let the fear of failure prevent them from trying to achieve the impossible. Without entrepreneurs who are willing to make mistakes, we may still be living in hovels and catching fish with pinty sticks.

4. HUMILITY - The most successful entrepreneurs maintain an attitude based of humanity conjoined with two other factors. They include intellectual curiosity or optimism. They never stop learning and are not afraid to not be the smartest in the room.

I believe that the above make a successful entrepreneur based on research I have done and as well I have been in this field of entrepreneurship for few year thus have experience. Incase you have other points you would like to add on this article, feel free to communicate with me, leave a message in comment section or follow me on social media LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, InstaGram , Snapchat, Read My Other Publications or Telegram

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